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05/01/2003  10:00PM

Optical illusions are always fun!!  See if you can figure this one out:

If you don't believe it, copy the picture and open up microsoft paint or some other editing software and cut out the B square and move it up the the A square.  Freaky stuff!  The description of the illusion is explained here as well as a link to the page I got this from, and some other optical illusions.  There are lots of movies that show how our perception is screwy! Pretty scary that we can't trust our eyes!


04/22/2003  7:15PM

Check out this crazy case mod!


04/14/2003  12:15AM

Well today is officially my dad's 73rd birthday!  Here's some more pics to help celebrate.


04/10/2003  10:45PM

Just a few more pics I snagged off of CJ.  Enjoy!



04/08/2003  11:45PM

Anything odd happen when you visited the site this time?


03/17/2003  7:00PM

Looks like war huh.  Guess we'll find out in an hour.  Have a happy St. Patty's day and enjoy the pics I stole from CJ!!


03/14/2003  9:30PM

A faithful Joemonkeyite needs your help!  Go here and take part in the poll.  If you haven't registered yet, this is a good time to do so!

03/13/2003  11:30PM

OK, I admit it, I suck at keeping promises about updating the webpage.  It's kinda difficult to update it when no one makes suggestions about what they want to see though!!  There's a perfectly good spot for that kind of stuff in the forums.

You guys should really check out this brain implant type thing.  I am SO getting one of those!  And while you're at it, take the cool person test.  It told me there was none cooler... but thats pretty much a given.  Also, this website will READ YOUR MIND!!  Now, you would have already done these things had you frequented my forums!  I don't care WHAT you post about, but just post stuff... if nothing else post replies to existing posts!  It's always good to hear people's opinions on everything.

Well on to what everyone comes here for anyway...


03/02/2003   8:00PM

Hrm, well that was a pretty small ass update wasn't it?  Here are some more pics...



03/02/2003  7:30PM

Wow look at me with no updates in about a month!  Oh well, the Bubb Rubb and WOO WOOOOOOO thing seems to have died down a lot more than I thought they would.  I suppose that is a good thing.  Here are some pics, mainly stolen from consumption junction.


02/03/2003  7:00PM

OK so I've been getting some comments on the WOOO WOOOOOOO!!! action, here are some links about it.

Check 'em out!!!  ONE   TWO   THREE   FOUR   FIVE


02/02/2003  11:00PM

OK, I have now came across the funniest damn thing EVER on the internet.

Apparently, the whistles go WOOO WOOOOOOO!!!

Here is the music video to go along with it.  Enjoy!

Oh, and if you see Bubb Rubb or Lil' Sis around, say hi for me.


01/30/2003  7:45PM

Here's an assortment of random pics... and yet again, the weekend is 1 day away!!


01/23/2003  11:30PM

WOOHOO the weekend is 1 day away!

Pictures obviously borrowed from consumption junction and stileproject.  Don't ever go to those webpages, you will be scarred for life!  Leave it to me to go there and filter out all the disgusting stuff, leaving just the funny crap for you to enjoy here.


01/22/2003  11:00PM

And now for something COMPLETELY different!



01/22/2003  7:45PM

Here's a short update w/ some nice eye candy for ya.

Now for some pics stolen from consumption junction!!  I heartily recommend no one ever go there...


01/21/2003  10:00AM

Wow I suck!  No updates in damn near a month!  This website has turned from an obsession to a hobby in less than 6 months.  I'll try to update at least once a week from now on, I just wish people would post in the forums about what they want to see on the main page!  Anyway, here's some interesting crap for ya.

Porn has a lot to do with launching the new cell phones!  It's about time porn started paying back technology for what technology has done for it.  I would hope I am smart enough to never drink and drive, but if I did get a DUI, this seems like something I would do.  If this happened at every hockey game, I'd probably be interested in it!  The Japanese are at it again, candy to make yer boobies bigger!  I would once again like to thank fark for most of my news crap.  Sorry no crazy pictures right now, maybe later today.


12/24/2002  3:00PM

Happy Christmas eve and all that!  No matter what your religion, faith, beliefs, or greed, I hope everyone spends time with those they love and care about during the holiday season.

OK now for some weird pics!  Sorry no update in a while... not that anyone pays attention to this page anymore!

Take it easy!


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