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10/11/2002  1:43PM

Well I feel like crap.  Here is a koo pic, thanks to bepo.  Sleep now.


10/09/2002  10:42PM

Well work was weird today, drove all over the place fixing computers for people.  I went to Heavenly Ham to fix a network printer that wouldn't print, as well as a mapped network drive that was having some trouble, and some other issues.  I was running a virus scanner that was gonna take a while, so I figured I'd get something to eat while I was there, and the guy was so happy I fixed the printer and drive he wouldn't let me pay for the food!

Well enough about me, here are some news stories (no pics today, getting kinda crowded on here... I should probably archive this page in the next day or so).

Check out the Woment's top 10 list of sexual complaints.  Sorry ya damn aboriginies!!  Eating cats and dogs is now illegal in Australia!  Leonard Nimoy is releasing a book of nudie pics (no, don't get excited, they are not of him).

US admits to open air biological and chemical tests in Florida... no wonder they couldn't count the votes.  Well Asia Carrera is my favorite porn star... she builds her own custom compters and stuff HERSELF!!!  Check it out!  NOTE:  NOT SAFE FOR AT WORK VIEWING.

Great!! New way for us to get SPAM! Also included is how to avoid it.  Wow, this is an eye-opener... this could be me.

And that's all the news I feel like posting.  If you want more check out fark.


10/08/2002  9:00PM

Added a music and hobbies section to the forums due to popular demand.  Here are some pics for ya!


10/07/2002  8:30PM

OK people are getting a bit bent out of shape over the latest pictures...



10/07/2002  8:00PM

Wow, I almost went 4 whole days without an update... you poor poor fans...

Anyway, hope your weekend went well!  Mine was pretty fucked up, and as all weekends should it involved bourbon, puking (not me mind you), kinda sorta fighting (not me again!) and a lot of computer gaming.

But enough about me, here's what you came for:

Does perpetual motion exist?  Apparently it does at the patent office.  Paranoia kills.  Hrm, I thought they said Pluto wasn't a planet anymore, now they say they've found another planet beyond it.  Ever wonder how a penis pump works?  In case you want to rent your own celebirty look alike, go here This guy seems to think being drunk can actually be a career.  And now for some disturbing pictures.


10/03/2002  9:45PM

Well this kicks ass!  I had a migraine from around noon today until about 9:00PM then it just all of a sudden went away!  Was weird shit!  I've never had a migraine just "go away" like that before.  I still have some of the lovely migraine "after effects" though.  Ya know, the ones where if you sneeze or bend down and get up real fast it feels like the little brain gnomes are using big hammers to try to break out of your skull, but the debilitating pain resulting in nausea and shutting down of senses is GONE!! WOOHOO!!

OK so now here is some news that you may actually find entertaining... bah screw that, here are some more funny pics.






10/02/2002  7:30PM

fark kicks ass.  I love going to their site and finding stories like how to turn your laptop into a beer fetching robot.

Well looks like someone is finally taking action against those damn pop-up ads, and its a pretty big "someone."

Hey since the Blue Screen of Death seems to be so common, Microsoft has started selling ad space on it!

I wonder if I could eat a 10 foot enchilada?

Wow, check out the story associated with this crazy monkey


I heard on the news earlier today that blonde haired people were going to be extinct by the year 2202 or so due to genetics and other crap like that.  Looks like it wasn't entirely correct, but who knows...

eh, enough news crap, lets post some more stupid pics!


10/01/2002  8:30PM

Hrm, looks like my site is going in the pooper.  No one posts in the forums any more, yet no one will tell me what they want to see on the site!  Oh well.  I'll still update every now and then I suppose, until I figure out what exactly I want this site to be.  Here are some pics or whatever.


09/30/2002  10:30PM

Well, I have dialup now.  DSL should be back Wednesday.  BUT! Even with shitty dialup, I will update the damn page!

Here are my 3 kitties, Maverick, Mia, and Tatayana, for your viewing enjoyment:


And here is some dumb news for ya.

(Un)Lucky ass bank robber!  Halloween is coming up... don't by this POS.  More proof that Mac = Suck.  Saved by the poo!

And now for the dumb pics...



09/29/2002  5:00PM

SORRY about the lack of updates lately. You can find out why here. Hopefully it will all be worked out by Monday. As of right now, I am at my parent's house editing this as a text file, hoping it all works out alright. For now you'll have to just check out some strange news!

This may be a record for fastest birth ever. I dunno about you, but this doesn't seem like a bad way to go.

UGH! Editing web pages via text sucks, so that's all the update you get. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, and when they are expect a big update


09/25/2002  10:15PM

Man, I gotta thank Nightshade from the forums for hooking me up with these stories.

What is Jupiter doing wrong?

Wait wait wait.... Canada has a warship?!

Interview with a search engine.

What is more fun than stupid drunk people?


09/25/2002  8:45PM

Ever smoked a plastic tub?  What about called in the mimes when the noise was too loud?  Ever seen a dick flick?  Eaten seagull?  Started a fire with urine?  Wanted to smack the shit out of social conservatives?  Eaten a cigarette?

bepo is who to thank for the pics once again.

09/24/2002  9:15PM

Well once again, worked a 10 hour day and drove 250+ miles.  However, THIS time my car blew up and I had to get nearly $600 worth of repairs done.  Anyway, sorry about that, next time I'll put such things in the bitch and moan section of the forums.  In fact, I don't feel like doing much at all, so this is all you get.


09/23/2002  11:30PM

One more small update b4 I hit the sack.  Threw up some more links to free stuff in the forums.  News with some form of entertainment within can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Here is info on the Hitler Action Figure seen below


And check out the world's first photograph here


Thank you and good night.


09/23/2002  10:00PM

Not much of an update here... just letting you know every week or so I'll archive the info that was on the page so it doesn't take 3 years to load it.  The new link is at the top left of the page, or you can just click here.  I worked a 10 hour day which involved driving over 200 miles, so all you get today is some pics bepo (ya know, a member of the forums) sent me.


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