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09/22/2002  7:15PM

Wow, I went damn near 48 hours without updating my website!!  Probably due to the fact that all my web skills have been sucked into helping Zenwhen with the birthing of ZenHardWhere.  Of course, being the weekend as well I was trying to actually go outside and do things

Well enough about me and my boring life, I know why you are here, so lets get started:  Canadians never cease to amaze me.

NEWS FLASH!!!  Having sex with a virgin does not cure AIDS!!  Amazing how stupid people can be.

Boobies are always nice.  Jason Mewes (better known as Jay from the Jay and Silent Bob movies) has been missing for over 10 months now.  Ever wanted to read a story that had an elderly woman, pickle jars, and phone sex lines in it?  Well if so today is your lucky day.

Last but not least, everyone's favorite part of the site... RANDOM PICS!!


09/20/2002  8:00PM

Zenhardwhere has its first review up, written by none other than your friendly neighborhood Joemonkey!  Check out the Soyo 4 port USB 2.0 PCI card review here.  Now it is time to go out and drink beer.  Expect some half-sensible posts in the forum later.


09/20/2002  5:45PM

HOLY CRAP!!!  Blizzard has announced their newest game, Starcraft: Ghost, but it is only going to be available on consoles!!  I hate them now...

BUT if you are a console fan, here's some info on it.  It's a FPS based on the starcraft universe.  You will play as a Ghost unit from the original Starcraft game, and have abilities such as cloaking and lockdown, as well as being able to get into vehicles from Starcraft.  Not to mention being able to call in Battlecruiser and Siege Tank strikes.  Game is scheduled for 2003 release, but knowing Blizzard, the wait will be 2-10000 years or so.

Anyhoo, the folks at SomethingAwful are at it again, with some photoshopped product placement ads.  Here is some more product placement news I'm surprised I didn't think of first.  I'm not that huge of a sports fan, but this kinda news is entertaining.

I think cats are about the best pet ever.  I'm going to start keeping one of mine in my car in case I ever get in a bad accident and need my car lifted off of me (thanks stile!):

And for the final part of this update, I am not responsible for anything that happens to you for clicking on the period at the end of this sentence.


09/20/2002  7:45AM

Well the forums have a new look to them, as well as titles loosely based on how many posts you have.  Let me know what you think about it here.


09/19/2002  7:45PM

Well what should have turned out to be a quick trip to wal-mart turned out to be annoying as hell.

If you find my forums sucky and want to post in some other forums LIKE them (but not NEAR as shiggity as mine), check out the ones I set up here for Zenwhen at his new website ZenHardWhere (no point in clicking on that really, its under construction still).

Here is a free plug for my buddy ALCHEM i X.  He's been mixing up some techno type music, and i think it fucking kicks ass, even though i don't even LIKE techno type shit!  ANYWAY, here is one of his songs... pretty small download, song is only about a minute long, but gives ya an example of what he's working on.  Get IWFYITMDF and burn it to CD and rock w/ it in your car!!  If you like his shit, get more of it at the link on the side or click where it says ALCHEM i X above, or hell click here.


09/19/2002  6:00PM

Threw some links up for more free stuff in the forums, perhaps the best being how you can become an ordained minister for free!  Now it is time to go to wal-mart and buy some new windshield wipers.  I'm sure i'll find time to update this again before the night is up.  Maybe 2 times!!  For now, here is another random pic:


09/18/2002  9:00PM

OK, I can't let the dumb update like the one I did below be it for the night.  Check out some weird news here (dumbass), here (crazy science), here (crazy dumbass science), and here (crazy dumbass ancient science).  Thanks fark!

Went outside and remembered that I got a weird fishing lure today from a friend who works at a liquor store.  Apparently it comes free with some brand of Canadian whiskey, which makes it even weirder that it is Japanese.  Check it out, and let me know what you think here


09/18/2002  8:20PM

Bleah, what a damn day.  Don't feel like doing much updating really, so I'm going to find some random pictures to post up.  Have fun!

And finally, this is about right for me:


09/17/2002  9:55PM

OK I am going to try a different format with the links on the main page.  Instead of linking them all to the forums where there is a post about them, I will link directly to the main story itself UNLESS I have something to say about it, then I'll link to it in the forums.  If YOU have something to say about any of them, and there isn't a forum thread about it, by all means start one.

Now, since that is out of the way, I'll go ahead and do this entire update without linking to the forums (damn too late!).

First off, now why didn't I think making money like this?  Or even like this, being as how they wouldn't arrest me.  Being in Kentucky, I could even make money off this seeing how common it is, but I'd rather use common sense and try to be a contributing member of the community rather than a leech.

And finally, seems like Canada will finally have use for their one tank.


09/16/2002  11:20PM

Just want to take a moment and say a lot of the news I find comes from AnandTech forums, fark, and various other sources.

Well well well, never thought I would say this, but the Simpsons LIED to us!!!  The way water drains is based pretty much 99% upon the way the toilet was designed.  I wonder if a canadian wrote that episode or something.

Blizzard seems to be on top of the money making scheme, banning a slew of Warcraft III players.

Last news item for the night, but certianly not least interesting....  can YOU swallow 140 coke filled condoms



09/16/2002  9:45PM

Some more links to get free stuff in the forums, like a T-Shirt and a video that teaches men how to dress.

Also, some people went through the trouble to rate the top 10 and worst 10 voices of popular people.  Interesting read actually.

Wow, a surefire way to stop piracy!  And this is why I prefer cats to dogs... they're too lazy to fetch anything.

Capatilism and consumerism are fine, but when people start advertising on my food, that's a little out of hand.

Anyway, I'll probably make another update tonite, too much good news going around.  For now, here is a picture of a fish:



09/15/2002  7:30PM

Well it is official:  my website sucks.  I can't figure out what the hell to do with it.  I'm glad I have some great looking forums, but seems like I do 98% of the posting in them.  Also, the page is looking like the early beginnings of stileproject (warning, lots of nudity there), and although I am a fan of his site, it has lately turned into an ad fest with all the links to porn sites.  I prefer to have this website be one where people come to relax and read about stuff that interests them.  Too bad right now it looks like something a 12 year old put together while they forgot to take their ritalin.  Therefore, if you are reading this, I implore you to suggest what should be added to the site.  Let me know either here or here.

I also wanna give a special thanks to Forscythe for still working on getting a good IRC server up where people can talk live to me and others, The Canadian for being... well... the canadian, Darkk for always using logic to destroy, ZenWhen for giving me pointers with the site, purplescoots for kicking my ass when I really needed it,  and last but not least, Kim for putting up with my dumb shit.  Thank you and good evening.

09/15/2002  11:42AM

Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo is officially available for download.  There are some new weapons, prettier graphics, and a new Adrenaline powerup, plus a few different types of games.

Check it out here with some screenshots.


09/15/2002  1:45AM

Most everything of interest is in the forums.  If I come across anything special, I will link to the forum topic where it can be discussed.  For example:

Windows XP security flaw

Microsoft Word security flaw

The creators and contributors of material to this site assume no responsibility or liability for any repercussions as a result of viewing or downloading anything from this site.

With respect to documents available from this server, neither the creator nor contributors, make any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights.

In short, the creators of this site assume no responsibility for improper use of this site which is intended to be for research and educational purposes.