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04/20/2004  10:15PM

Sorry, no funny pics this time.  I just spent 10 hours of the past 2 days transferring everything over to a new server, 8 of those hours were messing with the forums.  However, I think most of the site functionality is still intact.  The Blogmonkey was lost, but no one was using it anyway, so whooptie shit.  Anyway, check out these links, I found them interesting so hopefully you will too.

USB Poop

The very basis of the internet has a security hole

This is just funny

04/07/2004  10:30PM

Holy crap!  I actually updated this again.  Maybe it was because of the guy who saved a girl from a croc by poking it in the eye.  Or perhaps it was the stoplight developed to stop speeders.  Could be the fact those crazy brits want to show a live fetus being aborted.  In any event, I'm going to try to update the page a bit more often, mainly with odd news articles and pics I snag from various places on the internet that I find interesting (most of which get ganked from consumptionjunction, but at least I host them directly from my site and don't steal their bandwidth).  Don't forget to check out the forums, and if there is enough interest I'll start emailing people who want to know when I update the site.  Just email me asking to be on the list!  Here are the pics yet again.


03/31/2004  08:00AM

Thought I would share some interesting news stories with this update.  For example, Mom's selling their daughters into prostitution, and teenagers being cited for having child pornography.  In the McDonald's all american game recently, the girls beat the boys in the slam dunk contest.

Anyway, here are some special "Redneck Edition" pics thanks to smee




02/01/2004  09:45AM

OK so I haven't been doing too much with the site lately... anyway, here are some more random pics, mostly from CJ


10/20/03  08:15PM

Yes, i suck at updating my site...



08/06/03  12:15AM

OK so I set up a blog for anyone and everyone to use.  If you don't know what a blog is, click here.  If you want to take part in it, just email me (hint: the address is at the top left of the page).


07/29/03  9:30PM

Wow, I really suck at updates lately.  To make up for it, here is a LOT of new stuff!





06/20/2003  10:00PM

Time for another update!!  Most of these were stolen from and i recommend that NO ONE EVER GO THERE unless you want to look at some of the most offensive stuff ever.  However, once again i have sifted through it to bring you these gems:


05/30/2003  07:30AM

OK so I finally got rid of that "auto open your CDROM" code.  If you don't use Internet Explorer, then nevermind. If you still want to send the link to other people to mess with them, you can get to it through the archives.  At least now this page is a little cleaner!  I'll try to do more updates (like I always say) but I'd rather do fewer updates when there are funny things to post than lots of crap updates.  ANYWAY, I only have 5 pics for now, enjoy!  Some of these are from the Bob and Tom show's website and some are from CJ of course.

Note:  these skirts have airbrushed panties and asses on them!


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